Sunday, October 9, 2011

art of modern rock

 Art of Modern Rock, The poster explosion, Paul Grushkin & Dennis King.  I was looking for some inspiration so I went to the Library.  And  came across this book.  JUst what I wanted really.  The local library usually comes up with something and I usually start looking in the 'recently returns' section both for novels and for nice picture books.  It's quite interesting to see what people are into at the present time.  Always knitting and crochet and beading and other handicrafts.  Maybe because this is the area I am looking in, Hmm. 
 This is a book about posters advertising rock bands.  White Stripes, Foo Fighters, P J Harvey, Ramones and even Siouxsie & the Banshies (My that takes me back)
Larry E Klump
 I like the old fashion nature of this poster
Tom Bagley
LIke the card reference and cowboys, mexican, makes me think of tequilla and chilli sauce.
yeehaw indusries, Hand-cranked letterpress

I like the fonts in this one and the faded colours 
Drowning Creek Studio

Tara McPherson
 I really like this ladies work, the style is very different, a less male point of view maybe 
Heads of state
And I really like this because it has a childrens book style illustration in it but used in a more sinister fashion 
Andrew Vastagh

as with this one
And there are so many amazing posters in this book that it made me wish I was a little younger and in a cool rock band so I could have a poster of my own.  And I found it quite useful for ideas, although this level of design is completely over and above me.  

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