Tuesday, October 11, 2011

natural history

I went to the library and I got this beautiful book out.  I do love a good book on natural history illustrations.  Birds and plants and animals, these pictures are beautiful.  Front cover below.

 I like the shape this snake has been put into to draw.  I think a lot of the animals were dead, or sometimes made up from descriptions the artists had from other people.  Amazing it must have been to be an artist on one of the early expeditions, drawing creatures that had never been seen before by the folks back home.

 I love flamingoes, and this painting is so lovely, I have found it hard to find decent pictures of them on the net and even in the library, so was pleased to come across this one.  If anyone has some nice pics I would be pleased to get a link.
 Cynotopes.  We have some of this paper in our craft cupboard.. It is great stuff, you find something of an interesting shape, place it on the paper, stick it in the sun for a bit and then put it in water to set and dry it.  Probably wasn't as easy in the old days, and I have never produced anything like this, but it is fun.
paintings from microscopic images.  

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