Friday, October 28, 2011


 Lovely cow-parsely found at casa pinka
 beautiful wild colour
 branches and balloon jars at southern living
 It's not flower arranging as such but I loved the Pre-Raphealite moment.
pretty things at my design chic
and a wild and beautiful teapot of flowers at tea for joy.  divine!
It's that time of year when flowers are popping up all over the garden and everywhere around town.  I do love it.  My garden flowers tend toward the more wild and weedy variety, forget-me-nots, pink jasmine, and some old plants that have been there for eons, wisteria, magnolia, blossom and the occasional rose.  and at a certain time of year the hydrangeas go mental.  I love having flowers in the house and so now there are little jars and op-shop vases sprinkled around.  My arranging is not good though.  I can spend quite some time trying very hard to make things look pretty, or I can give them to my husband who will plonk them in a vase and they look fabulous.  I have tried this method also, but it doesn't work for me. It's not fair!

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