Saturday, October 15, 2011

competition over

today was the day of Project Funway so at  nine am we made our way to our local Fashion Island for the catwalk show and to find out who were the winners.

 My youngest made this cute little outfit, she did such a good job of design and construction and got a third place in the primary school section.

My beautiful big girl designed and made this beautiful dress, 16th century design puffy sleeves and a gorgeous rose in her hair.  Unfairly, I think, she didn't win anything. 

  and I made a inky fluffy jacket and a pink/red hearts circus frock.  The letters on the front spell LOVE.  I came second, hooray, so I was pleased, I will not be entering next year.
I took a few photos of other designs I liked, but there were so many clever people who had designed amazing outfits.
 My lovely friend made this gorgeous outfit in about two days having not read the instructions and thinking she had lots more time.

(above) This lovely girl was modeling for her mother.  It was such a cool outfit, influence Tim Burton/Rocky Horror and others. 

 this was the winner, it was beautiful and dreamy.
 she won the secondary section, very nice roses, I like.
this was in the secondary school section too, no prize, but I loved her layers and sweets and I thought she should have a prize.  The photo looks like she has horns, I think it is a sky-light.
So all in all it was a good morning.

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