Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 minute sketch, jasmine

Jasmine time of year, hooray!  Actually there are lots of lovely smelly pretty things around at the moment.  When we walk to and from school I often find myself sniffing around trying to find the origins of some delicious perfume or other.  We have jasmine, fresias, wisteria, magnolias, mexican orange blossom and other things of what I know not the name. 
 I picked some of this Jasmine and put some in the kitchen and some in the living room, and it is so fab. 
And I couldn't resist painting it having had a remarkably un-creative day.   The sketch book was calling me.
Have a bit of a Terry Pratchett thing going on at the moment.  Have just read "The Wee Free Men" trilogy to my elder daughter and consequently myself, and am now reading "Going Postal".  Interesting things about letters and un-read words, and very clever and funny.

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