Tuesday, October 4, 2011

pretty dresses

Below are some pretty dresses that I would like, and have collected incase I ever get around to making them for myself.  Busy with making my Project Funway outfit at the moment, trying to get it finished before the school holidays.  In my usual way I have decided to do something time consuming and  fiddly, I just can't help myself, I probably won't wear it either because it's made out of a sheet.  Those sheets are bullet proof and I'm glad we bought more pins as they are bending a lot trying to get them through the material.
I like the lace top on this one I found on Rag Pony.  She has been checking out the shows
 I have bought myself a few x-tra large mens shirts to re-purpose into some of these type of dresses.  I am unfortunately a little older than this model and will need to cover up a bit more leg than her, well I ought to anyway.  This one is by goldie london.  They are around a lot this summer.
I liked the patterns on this pretty checked frock
 mellow mayoness is gorgeous and girly and I loved this dress and its  sunset trees.  

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