Sunday, October 16, 2011

circus dress design

if your interested here are some things I did to make my circus dress.
 I cut out a little stripe stencil for the straps and waistband of my pinafore dress.  And stencilled them in black and white.  I've not stencilled before so it was fun and not very exact.
 I tie-dyed, not something I have done since the 80's, when every dress I made was tie-dyed (shudder) and maybe swore I would never do it again.  It has a very "past it" tick box in my head.   But the children, not having such skeletons in their closets were quite impressed with the process.
 I stencilled hearts over carefully measured out tie-dye circles.
 I enlarged some circus type letters and cut them up to fit.
 I love how the LOVE turned out.  Can you read it?
And the finished back view.  

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