Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas cards designs.

Cards now selling at Earth Bloom louise douglas jewelry boutique on corner of Rutherford and Waimea roads, Nelson and Red Gallery in Bridge Street Nelson.  Both shops selling gorgeous things.
I have had a very spoily few days designing and making pictures for Christmas cards.  Spoily, to spend the whole day just doing this is something I have not done in years and  I loved it a lot.  I was influenced a lot style-wise by some art I have been looking at recently some of it, here and here and here.  Influences also from European folk art, Chinese and Japanese designs.
 The idea is they are cute looking little girls in christmas outfits with some things on their minds.

I always love cutting out snowflakes, this one was influenced by some chinese pottery.
brown paper, and beginnings of collage before the painting began.
I have tried to make them christmasy in some way or other, adding a christmasy emblem or two to each one.  As we live in New Zealand and it will be summer I have tried to keep away from the snow.  They are multi-media, with magazine collage (one of my favourite things to collage with) and paint.  I am really please with the way they have come out.  I just need to get them printed now.  I would be interested to know which ones you like best, or not.
These worst-christmas-cards are hilarious, great family christmas greeting inspiration!

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