Saturday, November 12, 2011

sleeping beauty and the roses

I post these pictures in reference to my story below the pictures of pruning some ivy.
This is how I am feeling today, beautiful painting by Burne

Feeling a bit beaten by the task in hand, Anana Pandas

I on occasion felt a bit like this chap who I found on living in space

(New edit, 4th Dec just found this one), above.  Here comes Prince marvelous and the brambles fall away and turn into lovely roses.  It doesn't seem fair.
I am having a lazy day, having exhausted myself battling with the ivy hedge for three days last week. Really I am such wuss.  I pondered ( on day two) the plight of all the Princes who had tried to rescue Sleeping Beauty from a forest of roses. I wondered what demons they were avoiding to be putting such effort into hacking away at some flipping thorny great hedge, what was lurking back at home to make them run off and attempt such a task?  and I didn't think any the less of them any more for giving up.  After-all who knew what you would find if you ever got through the forest.  I mean how beautiful was she and was it all about her or all about the Prince and his ego?  And she was a hundred years old. 
the kids are at the movies, husband is doing man stuff in the garage, and I am sitting on my bed designing christmas cards.  It's a tough life, unfortunately I will have to start dinner in a minute and go and pick the kids up, when really I am quite happy where I am, doing nothing. 

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