Tuesday, July 12, 2011

home-made bunnies on the net

 We are rather in awe of TADAs revolution in our house.  My daughter has decided to learn crochet so she can make some of the animals.  There is a animaguri book on the site, in french, and so she has also decided that her big sister needs to learn french so that we can buy the book and she can translate it.  Cute crochet animals in fabulous sets, I guess they must be dolls house furniture and I am v. jealous of it.  Where does it all come from?
I love these heroes cheesy smiles.  The commentary is hilarious and leaves me with tears on my cheeks.  Check out the little panda working at the launderette.
I love any thing in a pink tutu, even better when it comes with cowboy boots
 also ther are lots of different characters, I have just found the rabbits, my daughter likes Nutzilla the squirrel.
This little mexican rabbit came from moonflower
As did these two, lots of gorgeous crochet animals on this site and with costumes aswell
This here rabbit looked kind of crazy
This green bunny was funny and spacey looking
and I liked pink cyclops bunny.
Some techno bunnies
This is "crazy rabbit", one of my creations
And a scootering bunny dress, on a sweet dust dolly.

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