Wednesday, July 27, 2011

old man checkered shirt fashion

I went op-shopping with my girls this week and bought a couple of magazines for chopping up. They are generally good for  collages, bunting, eco fashion,  anything goes pretty much. They are also left in a cupboard in the kitchen so they can fall out every time said cupboard is opened.  In Fashion Quarterly summer 10/11 I came accross some lovely frocks, and they all happened to be from Kate Sylvester.  I generally like her clothes a lot but am perplexed at their simplicity and how well it works.  If I ever make anything it is generally a bit silly/ girly/ childish,  I haven't yet really adjusted to being over forty (good heavens). 

I cut out this dress by Kate Sylvester, (there are some really pretty cool things on her web site, click the link to have a look). and put it in my scrap-book/ sketch pad because the checkered shirt material on the dress above reminded me of my dad, who only ever pretty much ever wore these shirts, unless he was working.  He would wear them until the collars wore out, and then turn the collars round so the good bits were on the front.  He was good at darning socks as well.  
I stuck the dress on this page with some sketches I did from some dresses from Fresh Fruits.  I thought they would make a good combination 

I also thought this style dress from Goldie London would look cute in that checked fabric.  Of course I have been looking in the op-shops today for some of those shirts and despite the fact that normally the places are awash with them, there are none to be seen now.  I still have a couple of places to look however.

 Here are another couple of Kates dresses that took my fancy.  Very clever lady.

For some reason if I buy a magazine from the op-shop I can cut it up, if however the magazine is bought new from the shop, I am completely unable to do this.  Why is this?

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