Friday, July 1, 2011

baby blanket knitting.

As I have posted before my sister is rather a hot-shot in the knitting department.  Rather sadly (for me) she was suffering from RSI when I was pregnant with my babies and couldn't knit much.   So here are a few more things that she produced for her baby, before he was born.  Lucky child.
 Gorgeous blanket of knitted squares

 beautiful winter blanket of lace knitting.  I love the triangly edges.
 tiny green cardi all soft and lovely
 I do love tank tops especially mini ones.
 and some rather smashing foot wear.
I flew back home to NZ yesterday after three weeks away in the UK.  Feeling a bit spacey.  I had a lovely time seeing all my old friends, which is always so easy, so sad to leave them.  Also my sister and her baby and husband who looked after me so well.  
It is sunny but a bit chilly here.  I have plenty of blogging to catch up with.

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