Sunday, July 10, 2011

hand-sewing dolly dresses in the sky

Amelia and Dolly. These were from some old embroidered linen and a lovely old checked table cloth.  I rather fancy one of those embroidered dresses for myself. The way the scale of the design comes up on the dolls works really well sometimes as inspiration for life-size garments.
 Cosette and Rosie.  These little pinnies are not quite finished, they need buttons I think.  I've had this yellow material for about six years and have not been brave enough to break into it, a small dress is a small push in the right direction.

This was the little sewing package I arranged for the flight home from England.  All pieces cut out, some pins in a bit of old jumper and a pack of dental floss for cutting threads.  Useful tip from some-one on a sewing chat room. Thank you to them.

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