Thursday, July 14, 2011

little robots and glass eyed owls

My daughter showed me the acid toys blog, some cool little cartoon pictures, and this picture reminded me of the work of Jewels Vine, a Nelson Jeweller who makes these amazing little lockets and robots etc, all tiny and perfect.  They are sold at galleries around the country, and he sells them on etsy.  These are also for sale on the Nelson Saturday Market, near the asian supermarket end.
 These baby bubble lockets are funky, and you can put little beads like this inside

I love this silver pod. I think its tiny taxidermists eye brings it to life ( although I do know its not alive really)
And this little owl has glass eyes and you can choose the colour

A little cyclops robot with articulated arms and legs
there are lots more designs if you click on the links.   

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