Friday, July 8, 2011

boxing inspired fashion

I could go to the gym dressed like this.  I wonder if Stella Mc Cartney does some. 
And maybe I could persuade my husband to go dressed like this. TeeHee.
I made it to body-combat class (boxing, karate plus other martial art inspired excersions) at the gym today after missing it for four weeks.  I was a scared that I would have lost  fitness and have a hard time  and I almost didn't go, but I did, and I loved it and made it through just fine.  I had a look for some boxing inspired fashion.
Good old Jean-Paul Gaultier came up trumps for his 2010/2011 collection, it was a mens collection but I liked the pics of the ladies blatting it out in the ring.  Also liked the stripes and the kilt with shiny vest.  On the aeroplane over to England I watched a documentary about Jean-Paul G preparing for his Haute-couture show "The Day Before" I can't find a link for it.  I didn't realise that this meant that all the clothes had to be hand stitched, it was so amazing to see the ladies putting his ideas into reality, a special crochet lady crocheted individual crocodile scales together to make an amazing dress, she was so happy.  Ladies sewed on thousands of sequins onto dress panels and then had to take them off again.  It was all so inspiring, he was so calm and so many ideas, I was ready to become a fashion designer, crocheter of crocodile dresses etc.
Maybe stick to dolly fashion.  I took hand sewing dolly dresses on the aeroplane to pass the time.  I felt slightly embarrassed but after watching above mentioned film decided that it was a fine thing to sew by hand.  Also felt rather subversive as had taken small blunt-ended pair of scissors onto the plane.  They did remove them from me at Singapore airport. Luckily I had a dental floss packet with useful floss cutter so I used that for the threads.

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