Thursday, July 28, 2011

one eyed pink haired doll

Two more dolls I have on the go and nearly finished, just need some stuffng and hair and some snazzy outfits.
I have been making this doll on the left for rather a long time.  It is to be a boy doll for my little daughter to go with her girl dolly.  It was kind of tricky to make him look like a boy and I'm not sure I've done it very well, dollies and square jaws don't really go together, but hopefully some hair and stuffing will do the trick, if all else fails I shall have to give him some stubble or a goaty beard.  
 They look a bit odd and flat without their hair and filling.
 The dolls face on the right was embroidered onto some beautiful old linen, and the green eye-brow was already half there.
 Its amazing what a good stuffing will do.  The doll on the right is my oldest daughters first doll, and I got the idea for a one eye doll from her.  She designed her dolls face and I did the embroidery. The rosy cheeks were also her idea and I have used them quite a lot in my dolly making.  Kids are very useful for inspiration and general idea stealing.
 this pink haired dolly is for my mums birthday.  I can't think why it has turned out like this, she is rather tasteful and subdued and not at all pink and one-eyed.  She hasn't got it yet but as she never reads my blog (she doesn't like the name) it won't spoil the suprise. The rather swish pink skirt is just actually the end of a sleeve from an old dress of mine, I thought a bit of colour blocking would be good, now I know what it means.

And I had to put these blossoms in as they are the first ones I have seen this spring.  They were so pink and pretty and smelt delicious.  Me and the girls found them on our walk this morning at the Chinese gardens.  the bottom picture is the shadows on the garden wall which  thought was rather lovely.

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