Monday, July 25, 2011

new hair-cut, new hair ball

Today my youngest daughter decided that she would like to have a funky little hair-cut.  I am counted on around the house generally for hair-cuts, for some reason I am trusted with a pair of orange sewing scissors and a comb ( today it was a pink hairbrush as the comb had gone on holiday ) and the apparent ability to produce required hair-cut.  

 Started with the top layer so she could decide if the length was right
 which it wasn't so it went a bit shorter, it's not my best work but my model got a bit fed-up with me taking so long and refused to let me fiddle around any more.  There was loads of hair on the floor in a messy pile, and after I'd managed to salvage some to tie up and keep ( I hate throwing my gorgeous girlies hair away, and always try and keep it)  G decided that we should make a hairball out of the remainder.  She is holding it in the above photo.  It's kind of disgusting I know but also I am quite impressed with the final result and how small it turned out, rather like felting but with human hair.
 so we decided to dress it up with some eyes
 and then a mouth and a little bow in its hair
 some cool shades
and then some model lips and proper sunnies from an old Tatler magazine. Oh how we laughed!  Luckily at this point in the proceedings it was time for the girls to go to bed and it had to stop.
and I apologise to Kerry Howley profusely who makes these beautiful hair necklaces for even putting her on this page.  But it just reminded me of her. 

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