Monday, July 11, 2011

dress material.

My sister printed this black and white material, about twenty years ago or more using a lino-cut made and designed by an amazing friend of ours.  An artist, and printer of furnishing fabrics, mother of five boys, wife of a sculptor.  She died at the grand age of ninety-three, although she was ageless, in 2006, just after we moved to NZ, and I was very pleased to have been lucky enough to have known her and her family and to have spent time visiting their home full of interesting sculptures ( her husband was sculptor George Kennethson) paintings, seed pods, fabric and furniture, much of it home made.  A world away from the street outside.    
My sister printed this on an old sheet, all very frugal, and made a skirt I think.  And years later still has some of the material under her bed in a box (  and my husband thinks I am a horder).  Luckily for me as I could then steal it for a little dress.  Maybe I could have ironed it first. 

 This print was I think one of hers, but it might have been her husbands, not sure, it was on her funeral service programme
 And this is her, and I haven't done her justice, there is so much I could say about her, but I do not have the words, just thoughts and memories and feelings in my head.

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