Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach creations, blue sky

 This wasn't from today, but today was as beautiful of this in our sunny home town.  Actually I have been painting the railings on the deck today and the kids have been banished to the garden to play.  After some fear and trepidation at being sent away from the TV and the computer, they took some blankets, some sewing, a camera and some other stuff into the garden and set up some activities and spent the whole day outside, and came in full of beans just as the sun sunk low and it started to get cold. 
 Its nice to go to the beach and see what other people have been up to with driftwood and rocks
 their always seems to be a few of the same idea, different interpretation, which I like, especially if you go to the beach on consecutive days and ideas change and morph and grow.  We turned up at the beach a few weeks ago and walked along to find these driftwood shapes ( all above ).  So my children decided to make a house.
 They did it all themselves while I sat on the rocks looking for heart-shaped stones.
 Its always nice when they are inspired without any encouragement.
 My little girl has a dolly called Lucy, and we have made Duct-Tape dummies in the past, so she decided that she should make one for her dolly, so she could use to help make clothes for Lucy.  How very sweet It is finished with a mini coat hanger stuck in the top to hang it up.
 I have been trying to dry out the timber railings on the deck so I could paint them.  It has rained a lot and also it is winter, so there is lots of condensation or frost in the morning.  We have put cling-film over the rails at night so they don't get any wetter.  So in the morning all these beautiful dew-drops were sparkling  on the railings
 And the blue sky is reflecting in some of the droplets. how lovely
Its a mixed bag today

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