Monday, July 18, 2011


We have noticed that once you start looking for heart shaped stones on the beach, that they are in fact all over the place.  I love heart-shaped things and have collected some images.

This leaf photo is by Craig Gosling
 beautiful heart-shaped decorations, so simple and pretty ( sorry don't have a link )

 My jam doughnut had heart-shaped jam.  
I would love some cool trees like this in my front garden, I would be so happy.  It's very Edward Scissorhands
Don't click on this link if you have some-where to go soon  The sweet little kittens on here require much squealing and ooh-ing and ah-ing.
heart-shaped peanuts 
And little tiny stones
We found many of these, have tried some with silver leaf and they look so pretty, but never sure if I am tainting the pure natural beauty of them, or making them prettier, it's a bit of both really, maybe.
I also silver leafed some hearts onto little round stones.

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