Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the woods today.

It was a beautiful frosty sunny morning this morning, so we ate our porridge and had a little tidy up and then the children were dragged out the house and taken for a short steep walk up a hill and through some trees to see a beautiful view of the snowy mountains. I don't have a picture of the snowy mountains 'cause they weren't very good.  I blame it on the camera lens myself. 

I love this part of the walk, especially really early in the morning with the light shining through the trees
 the girls prefer not to use the windy path and to scramble up the scrambly slopes. 

 I thought the colour of the bark was so pretty, and the negative shapes in blues and bright greens.

 and then I had to try and take photos of the girls while they climbed the tree and hid behind the branches
These photos made me think of Little Red Riding Hood with my little one in her red coat running along the forest path.
And later today there has been rock climbing and some rather groovy mini dolls house furniture being made ( not by me)

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