Wednesday, March 14, 2012

fab cakes

I can bake a cake that  you can eat and taste quite nice, but mine would never be allowed into a cake competition.  I  look in awe at some of the a creations some clever cloggy people have come up with and day-dream.... (about eating them mostly).
above from100 layercake 
I love the big flowers. Jen Huang?
cake at little zosienka who also do beautiful illustrations.

 I'm sorry I have no link for this above, please let me know if you do.
above and below outrageous cake on rag-pony 

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PP@pimpmybricks said...

Some of these go way beyond cakes - the third is a piece of art deco art and the sixth is a dream of mayhem. I'm like you - could make a passable sponge cake (once) but no more make cakes like these than fly to the moon.