Thursday, March 22, 2012

where am I?

I have lapsed into some sort of twighlight world of listlessness.  I am doing things but have nothing created to put on this here blog that are worthy of showing anyone.  Will pull my socks up and try to do better!  I have taken the dog for a sprint around the park in the rain, tidied the kitchen and am putting off the rather unpleasant chore of dealing with the dust balls lurking under all the shoes, boots and crepe paper (yes crepe paper) at the bottom of the wardrobe.
 I inherited it from someone lovely, and I have run out of space in the kitchen cupboards, so it is in the wardrobe (on my husbands side, of course).  I think the graphics on the wrappers are so pretty, especially the colours above.

my Fly shoes.  I do wear these quite a lot.
This heel always feels so high to walk in, I am not sure how other girls cope with those really high thin heels.

I have had these for about 10 years, but they are so pretty, but feet shredders, not for much walking.

my sisters wedding 3 years ago, nice but high.

5 years

6 years, vintage looking, v pretty.

I think I was pregnant with nine year old when I bought these.

 I think I have no shoes until I get them all out, its a bit of a sorry collection and I never wear any of them really, I live in my birkenstocks and trainers in the summer, I am a sorry excuse for a woman really I know.  But they are in there covered in dust if I should ever feel like making an effort.  I do have a couple of pairs of nice winter boots!

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