Friday, March 2, 2012

new dollie ideas

I have finished the dog doll that I was in the bottom of my last post. I used some painting canvas that my mother had given me, and while I loved the look of the material, the weave was too loose and when it came time to turn that dog dollies legs the right way round they frayed rather a lot as did the armpits.  Also the fabric paint didn;t settle in very well.  Humph, but I had a bodge around with a needle and thread and some more fabric paint and it looked ok in the end, I do quite like the slightly scruffy look to it.  My daughter has taken it as a gift for a thirteenth birthday party.
 below, oops her gussets not quite reaching.
 The ears were cut out of an old felted wool jumper
 MY husband is a bit sniffy about the under-wear, he says the top is inappropriate for a thirteen year old, I thought that it would be inappropriate for her not to have on a top, he didn't like the lace, I said it was that pretty elastic that you get on undies, not lace.  And anyway it was painted on so there was not a lot I could do about it.

 above, she has a little natural colour silk elephant dress, with lacy frilly bits and a nice blue button.

And she got one of my cards for a birthday card, Maybe I need a "Happy birthday" stamp.  I wait to find out what she thought.

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