Saturday, March 24, 2012

tattoo roses doodling

I had some tattoo books out from the library ( I do like the library) because I love tattoos, I have two really crumby ones I had done in my youth and need covering so I am on the long term pondering about what to have over the top.  Having spent twenty-four years with one bad one I am not keen to spend the rest of my life with another one I do not like.  It seems to be quite hard to find designs that I do, so I am trying to design one myself.  I have a fancy for a really big one, I get all over-excitable when I see some those lovely sleeves on people, well some of them.  Adding to my procrastination and confusion is the fact there are so many different styles that I like, could end up like a dogs dinner.  The traditional, hearts, anchors, ships.  The new skull style.  I quite fancy something girly like a piece of old granny china.  Japanese designs, waves, blossom.  The beautiful Pacific big blooms.  Oh My!
Three rose designs I like at free fashion updates.  I like the traditional rose look.

Nice Japanese cherry blossom and waves at J Spooner
 Also love these Traditional  American style and the old Sailor style tattoo.
these three from nordic-tattooists-a-their-drawings.  The heart is so cool.

Roses. butterflies, blossom, Japanese clouds.  Am I allowed to mix it up?  All ideas that I have consistently loved for a long time.  Important I think.

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PP@pimpmybricks said...

I think you're defs allowed to mix it up - I know someone who, over the space of about three years and with one artist, added to his tattoo so that he ended up with a full sleeve and half his body covered, front and back. He's got everything in there - phoenixes, dragons, waves - the lot!

I like the nordic roses btw.