Wednesday, October 24, 2012

denim and lace bag

over the weekend, under great command and complete control (hers, not mine) I made a bag for my thirteen year old daughter.  She picked all the fabric and all the ribbons and bibbons and told me how many pockets were required and handed me a pile of old nonsense that she absolutely needed to put into it on a regular basis; ipod, cell-phone, pen knife (every teenage girl should have one), bag of crisps, DVD, three juggling balls etc...  She picks stuff I would never choose myself, and I eventually get my head around it and then quite like it.

 above, all the lace came from friends and the op-shop.  I love this little bit of circles.
 above, the perfect accessory was this little badge/button of vintage fabric that my friend made for her.  cute!
and the lining was this lovely silk (will probably shred in about a week) with little elephants on it and some pink spots for added strength.  here are essential items 1-3.
Her friend was impressed and said I could probably sell these for loads of money, when pressed farther on, how much this could mean, she thought maybe even as much as $20 nz. I have decided not to take it up as my new career, as it took me about two days to make.   

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