Tuesday, October 16, 2012

side-show dollies all sewn-up

I have spent some time sewing up my cut and sew dollies that I had printed out at Spoonflower.  My daughters and I spent an evening painting the B&W one and her clothes and then I did a little embroidery on her also.  I was planning on really changing her a lot, but then my daughter said she would like her, and so it was all quite mild mannered after all.  below, B&W left, coloured right

 I love how they have sewn up and that they always look different from what I expect, it's always a nice surprise.  This is them in their undies.

 above, I sewed up their skirts with added lace and used black ric-rac for the tops straps.
above, wearing a dress made from the background fabric.

This the painted version of the B&W doll.


PP@pimpmybricks.wordpress.com said...

The dolls are lovely. What's captured my eye is the fabric/paper that they're leaning on. What is it? Is it one of your designs?

Rosa said...

Thank you, the fabric they are leaning on is and old table cloth of mine that is now a cushion cover, and unfortunately I did not design it, but I wish I had and was capable of such things.