Wednesday, October 3, 2012

start with sun-rise

I was woken at six by the dog this morning and took her outside to see the sky was crimson, so I quickly got the camera, although my eyes were hardly open and took some shots.  I missed the most dramatic minutes, but still bright.

WE went to the beach, but were blown away by a southerly wind which was kind of crazy.

then me and my girls made some christmas angels for my mums friend who wanted some for the church fair, they may not be what she was after, but it kept us happy for a while and my girls quite got into the peg doll thing.

and then we went to the groovy old Geraldine cinema, old couches and blankets and an interval half way through,  and watched "snow-white and the huntsman"  which was fab, Charlize had the best out-fits and was the best evil Queen, I really felt for her and her fading beauty, I spend a lot of time myself looking in the mirror at my wrinkles these days.  I haven't removed anyones heart yet though...  The huntsman was rather swarthy too which is always a winner.  

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