Sunday, October 14, 2012

new fabric arrives

I have received some more fabric from spoonflower, I waited very impatiently and it arrived when I was away on holiday, so exciting to come back to.

 above, this was printed onto silk and I think I would like to make a party dress out of it, but I need to order more, I just have a fat quarter at the moment, makes a good head-scarf though.
 above, one of my cut and sew dollie kits, I need to make her now.
 above, I love the big bold scale of this, I have changed the colour of the red to a less orangey red and removed that strange little red bit hanging off the cloud.

 above, these were on a painting I did on brown paper and newspaper, I am going to make a cushion cover for each of my daughters with them. (whether they like it or not)
 another cut and sew, in B&W this time.  I am going to paint and embroider her I think before I make her up.
 above, two different scales of the same pattern.  I wish my girls were still small and I could make them little summer dresses out of these.  I think I will make a skirt or two for me.

 above, the photo is in focus, the fabric is an out of focus design, I am going to make a summer dress out of this.  I have 2 yards.
I rather like how this printed out some pencil marks from my original drawings that I didn't know were there.  This is just a test swatch so only 8"x8", there is more to the design, and I have done some different colourways too.
I was v pleased with the way they all printed, I just need to get sewing with them.  All my sewing stuff is in the garage, so I need to go get it and sort out my sewing room. And keep my younger daughter out, cause she makes a dreadful mess.

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