Thursday, October 25, 2012

flotsam and jetsam

Over the weekend the weather behaved much better than recently and we had sunshine, hooray!  We went for a lovely walk along the boulder bank by the sea and were supplied with a fresh breeze and crashing waves, so all very invigorating.  I decided to collect bits of coloured plastic, instead of the usual driftwood and pebbles and soon my little girl got in on the act and found bits for me too.  she was much better at it than me.

We managed to find almost a whole spectrum of colours, and all sorts of items, pegs, a bouncy ball, a hair tie and a nasty brown flip-flop amongst other things.  I was going to chart the colours on my new colour-map for the computer, but as yet haven't, quite.
I am not sure what I will do with them, probably leave them around to gather dust and then chuck them away.

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