Saturday, November 3, 2012


My "little" girl turned ten this week, a big mile-stone and she was very excited and pleased with herself for getting to such a great age.
 My other daughter bought her a cup-cake stand (pink!) as a present.  I have wanted one of these for quite some time, but no-one bought me one.  We now have one in the house, but I shan't be allowed to use it.
 My other daughter also made her cup-cakes to put on it and made decorations out of paper to stick on top of the chocolate cake that I made as her birthday cake.  It is a depiction of the family: Me, my husband and big sister, and a nice flower.
She got other cool pressies and had a sleepover swimming pool party, ate too much unhealthy food and felt quite poorly.  It is quite amazing how much noise six small girls can make inside a car on the journey between the swimming pool and home.

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