Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 minute sketch-Roses

I found roses growing over the fence from next door, lots and lots of them, and they smell lovely.  I grabbed the ones that were freshest and also found pink geraniums and some gorgeous blue daisies.  And while I was cooking fish-fingers I did a couple of sketches.

These were done with a thick, running out, Sharpie,  but I am quite pleased with them.  
There are roses every-where in the neighbourhood at the mo, I would quite like to take my secateurs on daily walks with me to whisk a few roses into my pocket, but then I might get spotted.


pimpmybricks.wordpress.com said...

I like the sketches - they're nice and loose.

My absolute favourite rose is Papa Meilland - he's a deep deep red, almost black, and his scent knocks your socks off. I'd let you come by with your secateurs for a few but it's a little far.

Rosa said...

I had a conversation about roses with some-one yesterday that mentioned a dark black-red rose they had in their garden that had an amazing scent. And low and behold if you don't mention one the very next day. I wonder if it is the same type of rose. Life is throwing up lots of coincidences at the moment, and I would like to take that as a good sign of something or other. collective unconscious la la la.