Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fairy tales

This weekend saw the start of school gala season.  I went along to one down the road from our house, I usually check out the clothing stall for bargains but I got there a bit late this time and so went to the book stall to see if there were any nice childrens books.  I found a book with  an amalgamation of fairy tales and poems and the pictures must have been collected from many books as there were lots of different styles even within the same story sometimes.

 I always love the foxes, they are well dressed and naughty.
 I never knew it was custard that red riding hood was carrying, if I was the wolf I might have snaffled those first, I am rather partial to custard.

and all the fabric in this sleeping beauty story (edit, sorry this is obviously beauty and the beast, not sleeping beauty)  is just gorgeous.  I need to make a more in-depth study of it some time soon.


pimpmybricks.wordpress.com said...

I never knew that it was custards RRH took to her grandmother but it'd make sense if she was a gummy granny. And like you I would've gone for the custard too.

If, on the basis of your research, you come up with a pomegranate-heavy fabric such as the one SB is wearing on her cape, I think you'd find a lot of buyers for it on Spoonflower.


Rosa said...

Thank you, but do you know, there are lots of Pomegranate fabrics on spoonflower already, and lots of them are lovely. And I have got my fairy tles muddled, because this is Beauty and the beast, not sleeping beauty. Twas late last night when I wrote the post.