Monday, November 26, 2012

lazy Sunday afternoon

We had beautiful sunny weather over the weekend, and on Sunday afternoon, the children wanted to go to the river for a swim.  It was very lovely, the water was cold so I didn't go in, but I did have a little paddle with the dog, who also doesn't swim.  I think the river stones hurt her feet, and in fact she needs some little doggy swim shoes.  Does anyone know if such things exist?

 our scraggy scavenging desert dog rummages around the rocks while my daughter finds a sweet dog to  play with

1 comment: said...

I don't know of any dog shoes - I'd be interested to hear if you find some. Neither of my dogs are great water-babies. The big one plunges around but never takes his feet off the bottom and the smaller one is a very prissy missy and hates to get damp even.