Saturday, November 10, 2012

cardboard table football

My ten year olds home-work assignment this week has been to make an arcade game out of cardboard boxes.  I didn't really get it, I mean "how does that work?"
Her team of three decided to make table football, so off I went to the back of Briscoes to the cardboard recycling bins to find large boxes.  I was wearing a skirt which was not appropriate for climbing up and hanging over 5 foot high metal recycling bins, but I sacrificed my dignity in the name of education and hopefully nobody got a glimpse of my thighs, or worse, as I made my quick dive over the edge to grab cardboard.

here's the wee goalie.  Bamboo from the garden.  It's rather beautiful really, and she got to use her hot-glue-gun which she got for her birthday last week (we never had one before so it is quite exciting).
They will paint it at school this week, and I did my best not to interfere, which I find hard, but am capable of.

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