Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I made a new blue dress

I made a dress out of some of my Spoonflower material.  A friend had craft night at her house which got me motivated to get a start, I took along my duct-tape dummie, an old sheet (for pattern making) pins a pen and some scissors.  I got a little carried away, having an audience, and was a little gung-ho with the pattern making and scissors and new fabric, but it all turned out ok in the end.  I made some covered buttons to go on the back of the dress which I liked and had a go at shirring, which I also liked and must do again some time.  Today my older child had the afternoon off school, so I badgered her and her friend into doing some styling and modelling for me.

There was great pouting and preening going on and fun was had by all.
I also had my photo taken for the style section of the local paper, whilst wearing this dress, which made me happy, especially as my husband had joked to me that this very thing would happen before I left the house.
They also did a styling of a nice suit I had bought at the op-shop, but that is another post.  

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Foxtail Lilly said...

Models in the making! You are a better sewer than me!!!
I envy your sunshine! 9that time of year-yuck here but not too cold, as yet)
LOVE YOUR GARDEN!! All best wishes Txxx

Sorry, Iv been hopeless at keeping in touch, sorry! x