Tuesday, December 20, 2011

deck furniture

My husband has continued on the furniture making for the deck by making a modular sofa to fit in the corner.  I have been procrastinating about making covers for it over the weekend, mainly because I didn't really know what I was doing.  We managed to get some "end of roll" marine outdoor fabric and some marine foam to put on the seating, which is why the fabric is slightly groovy, but I like it's "kiwi caravan awning style", it reminds me of our old 1970's little caravan that we had for a couple of years.   Any way I can now visualise a summer of lounging on here sipping cocktails in the sunshine, unless of course the children want attention, or feeding, or other such things.  There are still more things required to make it look properly homely but we are getting there slowly.  
and below some inspirational photos

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Foxtail Lilly said...

Oh,be fantastic sitting out in the sunshine! Thank you for the Christmas card and kind words ,means a lot. I will email soon ,when not so hectic!! Happy holidays.Txxxx