Sunday, December 18, 2011

teeny tiny dollies

My nine year old daughter has been asking me to make her a tiny little doll for a long time now, and I finally got around to doing it the other day.  I drew a basic pattern out of paper and then cut it out and embroidered a basic face.  I put the pin in so you could see the size.  It was a bit tricky for me to make something so small and to work out how to do it.  With the limbs so thin it is impossible to turn them back the right way once they are sewed up, so I had to sew the top of the arms and head, and the outside of the legs on the machine, and then sew the other sides up by hand turning the seems in and over sewing.  all very fiddly, trying to do it nicely.
On turning this one the right way around I realised that the top of its head was a bit on the short side (below).  so I started again.
And I made two of them so they would have a playmate and could swap clothes.  (below) all sewed up and waiting for some hair.  Poor photo due to me trying to take it on my husbands ipod and videoing it instead of still photo.

 Above and below, with pink bob and blond locks and dresses, although the pink one is see-through.  clothing also a challenge for me as so small, seams get bulky and minor size alterations can make a huge difference.  trying to use fabric that is thin and wont fray and so wont need hemming. I also decorated a matchbox to make a little bed for them.  Magazine cut-outs and old lace. and they have a little mattress, pink on one side and cool old bit of tea-towel on the other.

I have decided they will be for christmas so a surprise as she doesn't know I've made them.

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melissa said...

oh- what amazing tiny dolls! i love them.