Saturday, December 17, 2011

DIY christmas wrapping paper

The kids and I have been doing a bit of Christmas shopping today and so I thought I should decorate some paper to wrap the presents in.  We have big rolls of brown paper and big rolls of news print that hang around getting in the way generally but do come in useful.  so I used the news print and a vivid marker pen to start off with.  THe designs come from my sketch book, polish flowers, japanese clouds, folk birds and hearts.
and then I added a bit of colour with some acrylic paint.

 The design got closer together as I went along.
 And then I wrapped some presents and put them under the tree.
We have had some heavy rain this week leading to landslides and peoples having homes and gardens filled with mud.  Lots of homes have been red stickered (I think this means they are no good any more) which is so sad.   We live in the sunniest town in NZ, an easy mild-mannered sort of place, it has all been a bit of a shock.  We are untouched by it but my daughters friend had mud fill the garden up to three feet high, some houses are practically covered and over the hill the main highway has slipped off the hill, photos at stuff nz.

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hbds said...

Ewan just said wow I like those presents!!!!!off to make home made paper NOT x