Sunday, December 4, 2011

fairy tales

Gift Book of fairy tales, illustration Janet and Anne Graham Johnstone,Dean &Son Ltd printed 1967.
I found this at an op-shop about three years ago, and I pore over it a lot. I love the illustration style so much, and the colours are splendid.  I think we must have had this as kids, at least borrowed it from the library, as it has a bit of a nostalgic pull about it.  This one has the name of the first owner written inside the front cover, from Auntie some-one.
(above)babes in the wood, puss in boots, hansel and gretel, beauty and the beast, and inside the cover of the book.
 (above) Gretel kicks ass, and I love her skirt, if I was quite a bit younger I would make one for myself.  The witches wood-burner is to die for, and she has a nice paisley skirt on.

 I imagine, in my more wistful moments, being whisked away by such handsome robbers. (Babes in the wood)
and I rather love what this young boy is wearing, his tights and socks are rather fancy, and his boots.  Not sure I would wear the sleeves.  Cute hair! (Puss in boots)
I picked out some folksy motifs that I liked and drew them in my sketch book for later reference.

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