Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eco alternatives to the christmas tree

In England I was the proud owner of a fake white six foot christmas tree. I rather loved it, but we couldn't fit it in the container when we moved over.  Last year we had some magnolia branches which were twisty and pretty but cumbersome. So this year we decided that we would make a christmas tree out of some driftwood that had been in the garage for quite some time.  We then realised that I had finally thrown it out when we had the last skip.  Ho hum.  So we then decided that we could use some bamboo that had been hanging around in the garage for, also, quite some time.  A lot of bamboo can be harvested from two small patches of bamboo and it just hangs around waiting to be useful.  We have used it for curtain poles, and I tried to make a lattice fence, but it was time consuming  and pretty bad.
So I have been looking for ideas for bamboo christmas trees.  On my quest I also came across many eco trees which are quite groovey, so I thought they deserved an airing on my blog too.
This tree is a bit large for our needs, but it is a cool idea and bamboo.  We will need tinsel and sparkley things on our tree though
another bamboo tree at 100 christmas trees. It's a rather nice traditional shape.
there are some really great eco-trees at inspiration green.  It is rather bonfire-nighty, but I do like it.
this is glass water bottles found on ecofriend in montreal.  It is really so pretty, especially with the lighting on it.
nice and minimal at silvercocoon.
the name of this one is rather sweet possibilitrees.
and I think this is just marvelous, shopping trolleys made into a tree. And I have just noticed the monstrous baubles hanging off it.  I want some of those, I feel a ballon papier mache bauble project coming on.
Well, there is some food for thought, my husband thinks he will be making it, but he is a "Bah Humbug"  about christmas and decorating so I am not sure he is to be let loose on such a project.  He is however in control of the big noisy saws so he may be needed.


Foxtail Lilly said...

Fab! We have had old branches off the trees in our garden for years now. Flynn said `Can we have a real Christmas tree?" Dilemas??
We are forcast snow here -do you have warm sunshine?? Swap??? xxxxx

Rosa said...

I would be so jealous of snow at christmas, I have never managed to do it yet. It has been raining cats and dogs, but sunny today. The garden is v. happy about both.

pimpmybricks said...

Any post that uses the word 'groovy' gets my vote.

And I love the Canadian glass bottle tree.

I'm with your husband - somewhat bah hum buggy about it all. It happens every year and then I change my mind at about 11pm on Christmas Eve.