Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 minute sketch. no.1

I decided that I would do a 10 minute sketch every day.  10 minutes is not too long to take out of my day . so on the walk to school with my little one this morning we found a dead blackbird, perfect material for a quick sketch (or two) so I picked it up and we walked to school with blackbird dangling, I think it had a broken neck, and it made the other kids go "oo yuk" when we got to school which is always good.   

 It was so pretty with its little feathers and its orange beak, I was rather sad to throw it away and would have liked to draw some more, but 10 mins is 10 mins, we have to have some rules ( although I did do two 10 minute sketches in the end and had to stop from doing some more).

The idea is that they will improve as the days go on.  But I did enjoy the brief experience.
And I found this cute little number from Leila Sham over at Charity and Bees blog, which is now sadly finished.

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