Sunday, September 4, 2011

paper garlands

I have had some productive days in the garden recently, and it is almost, almost, not such a mess any more.  I have weeded and mulched, weeded and mulched and moved a few grasses around. Today more weeding and mulching and also managed to get some making done, of paper garlands, which was quite satisfying.  The creative urges must be satisfied occasionally.  These were made from magazine pages cut out with my new circle cutting gadget which is just splendid.  The idea was taken from a magazine Christmas issue maybe Inside Out.  It was a few years ago now so I'm not entirely sure.
 (above) Bunting made from magazine pages now decorating my daughters bedroom.  The photos from magazines make such lovely decorations with all their variations in colours.
 r and g cut out and stitched together tons of circles. A table full of circles.

 I love how they get on with these things all by themselves quite happily.  It's very satisfactory.
It came out very long and very pretty.

(above) I cut out not so many and stitched them together slightly differently,  a circle on both sides with a layer of tissue paper in the middle 
I chose pretty pink, red, green, blue, yellow, black and some neutral  colours  It looks so pretty in its little 3D way.  It is a present for a friend so I hope she likes it as much as I do.

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