Saturday, September 17, 2011


 My daughters came back from the neighbours house this morning with a little present for me.  The little girls next door had found this little bird at deaths door and tried to nurse it back to life, but as most of us know this is usually pretty futile and the little bird didn't make it. Boo Hoo! But there was a positive for me, I had really enjoyed drawing the blackbird a few days ago and so was quite chuffed to get another chance to draw a bird.  This is a wax-eye/ silver-eye and is originally from Australia but is naturalised here in NZ (which I think means, it's made itself at home here and it's not causing too much of a problem with the local wild-life, but I might be wrong)
It arrived wrapped in two magnolia petals, which were the perfect size for it and also a rather good back drop.
 The over-lapping tiny little feathers are so delicate and perfect and sweet.
 vibrant green
 I love the combination of patterns here with the stripes and fluffy. 
 little fluffy head
 such beautiful colour combinations

 Vivid/Marker pen, hmm not sure about this one, was trying to get the stripes on those tail feathers.
 Charcoal and watercolour,  needs more intensity me thinks.
Watercolour, they are in reverse order, this was the first one I did, makes the bird look slightly pathetic, which it didn't.
I have put the bird in the fridge for further investigation, I'm hoping my husband won't notice. 

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