Sunday, September 18, 2011

childrens books

I recently found some more beautiful old childrens books at the local op-shop.  I always think I should teach myself to paint/draw like this, they are so lovely.  The colours are always so cool, I guess this is the old printing process and a bit of aging too may-be.
 I haven't read this story yet.  That green dress is very pretty. " The Strawberry Fairy" Nursery tales related by Aunt Lucille (Mulder)
 I like how the fox is always bad but also quite cool, this one has a pretty groovey out-fit on.  The pants are rather fashionable but I'm not convinced about the jacket. 

 Alice in Wonderland, an Oldhams All-Colour Book.

these illustrations come from a A.A Milne book "A Gallery of Children".  There are so many beautiful drawings.  Flash-backs to child-hood...

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