Tuesday, September 13, 2011

beds and bedrooms I would like

 So gorgeous and it looks nice and sturdy too!
 Makes me think of convents, it's quite austere, but I wouldn't say no to it.
 This has curly-wurly over-the-top-ness which I like.
 The mirrors, the fire, the soft bed and the fairy frock all add up well.
 This room is about the size of my house.  And the headboard is sublime.
Beautiful and colourful turquoise headboard.  And the feather wall decoration is gorgeous.
 Not sure if I would like to sleep in here or not, but the over-all effect is so pretty.
The rest of this fairytale castle at desire to inspire makes me want to cry.  It is just so amazing, I would have to have a cleaner and a chef if I lived here though, I would be too busy sipping champagne in beautiful dresses to do much else.

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