Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beautiful woodstacks

I do love a beautiful woodstack, I am always in awe of an interiors showing a fireplace with a beautifully built stack, and imagine how nice it would be to have all that nice dry wood  chopped and ready to stick on the fire.  We don't have enough room in our house for this, one winter I did manage to squeeze in a small one, it was great but I did use so much more wood, 'cause it was so easy (no trudging down to the garage to chop once a day) but a beautiful stack in the garden would do, just have to find the right place.  I haven't quite mastered the asthetics of stacking  but have the potential to be quite fussy about the whole thing.  Here are some pictures of woodstacks, and rooms, to envy/admire/dream of. 

 Brent Darby

This is not fire wood, but I thought as an idea it would be really cool to make the woodstack in furniture, or gaps in furniture.
1. teepee woodstacks  2. lovely distressed blue wall more photos on flikr link  3. Woodstack walls, all so neat and tidy.
These photos are off flikr, and I'm sure there is a way to get the full sized picture up, but at the moment it eludes me, click on the links to see the pictures in bigger size.

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Rik said...

I think you should have an indoor wood pile, perhaps being creative and incorporating a design / furniture aspect. e.g. a t.v support which when you take one out for the fire its a bit like jenga, and you have to replace the ones you remove from time to time before the t.v. falls!
I think it could look cool.