Wednesday, August 3, 2011

heart-shaped biscuits and eco outfit

I made some biscuits today as my poor children have had none in their lunch boxes yet this week.  My oldest child has to hide biscuits  from me  and my husband as we have no self-control and  tend to eat them all very quickly.  I made pretty heart-shaped ones half chocolate, half plain with a little icing sugar heart in the middle.  It all got less tidy when I had to squish up the left-over pieces to cut out again, they are more marble effect.  The table-cloth is my daughters from a Sunday market jaunt a couple of years ago.  I need to buy it off her to make cushion covers as it is so pretty, it has roses, big pink and big blue spots and little black spots!  

the motley selection of items you see before you is my raw materiels for a little outfit I want to make for a fashion show at our local eco-fest.  I am meant to have something to show the lady organiser tomorow, so I better get cracking.  I am making it for my little girl to wear hence her duct-tape dummy (see below from previous post) in the picture.

the idea is that you put on old well fitting clothes,
cover them in duct tape,

cut yourself out down the back,
stick up the cuts and then stuff your little body double with something. We used newspaper, but old clothes or proper stuffing could be used. I'm sure with a bit of practice they could look quite smart.
I have found mine very useful already, taking in some jeans that were always too loose around the waist at the back and starting on a skirt made from an old top. so much easier pinning things neatly on a dummie shaped like me. 

junk to funk fashion show, I think this is made from chopped up Vogue magazines

And all these other amazing designs were created by  Polish fashion students.  Pretty clever stuff.  My design will not be as clever as this, but I will try my best and show the results when I have finished.

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