Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Wallpaper book and some new small stash

Me and the girls have been walking on another hill today in the sunshine, sitting on logs and collecting sheeps wool off fences, mainly for leaving around the house in untidy lumps.  A bit of sewing, bath, dinner and bed.

 A little pile of small pieces of fabric we collected at the garage sale on Sunday.  Mostly offcuts and left-overs so good for dolly clothes and patchwork and small things.

 I also bought this book which has lots of cool wallpaper and some weird and wacky wallpaper and some pretty stuff too. 

 above, interesting deer on the shirt.
 These were in big scale, wall height, would be very dramatic but a bit nerve racking in the bathroom. 
 I love the pattern idea on these by Johanna Basford who I blogged about yesterday.

 This is so beautiful and dreamy and summery.  My photos never turn out like this!

 I'm not sure where I would put this, nowhere in my house is cool enough for, neither am I mind you.
 I have not taken a very good  picture which is a shame as the paper was very pretty old style.
 This was so sweet, I love the coloured flowers which look a bit like stick-ons
 beautiful and probably v. exspensive.
Would brighten up your room, this would go anywhere in my house, might disguise the bumpy walls too.

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