Monday, August 15, 2011

Mountain-biking for the faint hearted.

This morning my husband took the day off and we went for a mountain-bike ride.  It was a beautiful sunny morning, but my it was cold!   And this is the view/ well some of it that we had on our ride.  Not bad eh?  Anyway I was a bit girly about the downhill bits, so I got cross with my husband for dragging me up there and also cross with myself for being a right girl.  But actually as I didn't fall off it was fun.  And cycling up a big steep hill is a good way to warm up on a day like today.
The country is under snow (except here of course), including Wellington, Christchurch and there was even snow in Auckland.  Although it was clear here we still get the wind blowing off the mountains across the bay.  And this afternoon we did actually get some snow-flakes falling from the sky.  So exciting for the kids!

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